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Our new website is currently under construction, and our Currents Gallery is down.   Our new site plans to debut in March/April 2021.  Bear with us while we work on this transition.  Here you will find our Current Gemstones in Stock.  Our older website is still running all the other parts such as Gemipedia A-Z, The Science, and the Enhancement Codes.



So, you have found us!  You're interested in buying from a trusted source; we get it.  We are here to make you, the jeweler or designer, money and to provide you with a great product.   Responsibly sourced with no excuses.   


Now, let's discuss how you purchase a stone from Mayer and Watt.  There are two Buyers Color Coded: 

1. Retail Consumer (Means you go to a jewelry store to buy your jewelry)  

2. Resale Consumer (You manage, own, or run a jewelry store, and sell jewelry)

Since we are strictly a wholesale company, you need to be #2 and qualify with Trade references, to purchase from us on a wholesale level.  This would include a Tax ID#, a business address for receiving goods with signature required, and 2-3 references from the trade that we can call to get a credit reference and ask about your business practices.  Once all those boxes are checked, it's off to the races.....

But, have no fear, we have ways for you, #1 the Retail Consumer to enjoy and have access as well.  

If you've read this far and are interested in knowing more or getting a stone to view, please click and fill out the Contact Form Below

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Find your Inspiration... Naturally!

Are you a collector and still haven't been able to find a source to go back to every time that you trust.  Look no longer, we are based in the USA and work with jewelers and collectors all over the country.   We would love to work with you to find that special piece of inspiration. 

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